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Who We Are

Youth Teams of Our Lady in Canada is a Catholic youth movement where young people can get together to pray and deepen their faith. It’s a group of people who you can relate to, and who are often going through the same things you are in their lives. There’s always a group or a retreat that you can go to for spiritual support, whether you’re in high school, working, or going to university. Together we can move through this time of our lives with Christ and His mother Mary, developing a more meaningful spiritual life and discovering our vocation.


  • Robin Mendonca National Responsible
    Matthew & Ania Wojciechowski National Couple
    Fr. Paul Hrynczyszyn National Priest
    Michael Walecki Co-Responsible
    Anna Farbis
    High School & Young Adult Liaison- GTA
    Diana Nega
    High School & Young Adult Liaison- KW etc
    Mateusz Jach Coordinator
    Peter Zalewski Coordinator
    Justyna Armatowicz Treasurer
    Patrick Ohl Website Coordinator

What We Do

     There are two main things that we organize and lead in the Youth Teams of Our Lady: team meetings and retreats. We also make an effort to give something of ourselves to any community we’re a part of, so as to spread the love of Christ to the people around us. The retreats vary in terms of the age groups they’re organized for, as do the meetings. Our retreats are made to enrich your faith, and give you a break from every-day life so that you can focus more on your spiritual life. Typically a retreat has a theme which we follow. There are talks, daily Mass, social time, witnesses, small group meetings and other activities. As mentioned before, the teams are catered to different age groups, so that everyone can feel comfortable with people their age. The team meetings are like an extension of the retreats- they continue to give spiritual strength in smaller doses during the year. In a meeting, you discuss a topic, pray together, have short meditations with the Bible, and talk about your lives. Every team has a leader, a spiritual counsel and a married couple to assist, give input, and share their experiences about the things we discuss in the meetings.